The concept of Elysian Holistic took form after the owner, Dr. Rob, worked for several doctors from Florida and New York, and decided to combine the best aspects of these practices while eliminating the concepts that didn't work. What came out was a fully integrated practice combining the worlds of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and Chiropractic into a fully synergistic model that achieves it's goals in a serene and peaceful environment.


Though Dr. Rob has lived in Florida for much of his life, his goal was to return to New York City, where he was born, to treat the many conditions that New Yorkers, who live fast-paced and demanding lifestyles, suffer from. His broad knowledge base, drive to succeed, and laid back patient centered approach prove him to be one of New York's most outstanding doctors in his pursuit to help individuals live pain free, healthy lives.

Dr. Robert Ladyzhensky

D.C. (Palmer College of Chiropractic)